Sketchbook Detour

***Temporary Sketchbook Detour***

I began a solo motorcycle trip from Los Angeles on Friday, June 22, 2012, heading north, as far as I'm having fun. I'll be updating my sketchbook with posts from the road, and not necessarily artwork. I'm too beat by the time I'm in camp or in a cheap motel.

I'll continue with the sketches when I get back in a few weeks.

Yeah right! It's been months! I'll get back to it as I finish up some classes and have more time again. Maybe in another month, like in February, 2013.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Not-a-Sketch: Reno to Santa Monica, Home

Again, I was riding through some jaw-dropping scenery, on some incredibly fun roads.

As soon as I had crossed the Sierras, and hit Calaveras Big Trees State Park, I began to hit major traffic.  Road work had roads blocked up for miles, and then I was getting into more populated areas, and more people equates to more traffic.  My ride was becoming less magical by the moment.

But then I happened upon this beauty at a truck-stop oasis.  The place was so weird that I had to go check it out.  I'm also a ghost magnet and love that stuff, so I figured I'd get harassed by some spirit sometime over my night here, something that I'd been expecting sometime on the trip, but it didn't happen.

Yeah.  Really odd there.  There were hundreds of rooms there, but only a handful of guests.  I think the place had a couple other businesses being run out of there.  A trucking operation, for one.

There was a copy of Pieta by Michelangelo outside of my room, as well as sculptures of JFK and Eisenhower in the courtyard.  The rest of the place really was pretty, with water fountains, gardens, and a beautiful tower, but who wants to see that?

This was the last day of my trip.  It would be a month from LA to the Arctic Circle, and back.  The plan for the day was to ride through Big Sur, then leisurely make my way south, and maybe get a room in San Luis Obisbo, but I was just ready to be done.  As I got closer to home, the anxiety increased. 

I either wanted to be out having an adventure for another month, or be at home with loved ones.  I let everything irritate me.  The crowds were annoying. The traffic was terrible.  I pushed hard and made it home that night.  The whole day wasn't as miserable as I'm making it out to be, but I was letting everything get to me.  On another note, I saw elephant seals and lots of gorgeous scenery in Big Sur, along the Ventura coast, and through Malibu, and right home, into Santa Monica.

Oops.  I did push it a bit this last day.  There was evidence of some minor oil seepage at the valve cover and near the base gasket, a short time into my trip, but on the last day, it let loose.  

It looks like this calls for a top end rebuild, and as long as I have the motor torn apart, maybe I'll upgrade some parts.  Maybe upgrade the piston, and cam...  And figure out where I'm headed next.